Sunday fun day is always is something to look forward to. Its the day I go to church and enjoy a nice brunch out with friends or relax at home. Today I decided to go to brunch and then head over to my friends house for cards and games. I was in charge of the snacks so I decided to put a bunch of goodies inside this cute backpack I got from Shop 500 Boutique in Chicago. I have not carried a backpack in over 10 years. This sure did bring back memories for me. Girls I don't know about you but sometimes carrying a purse all the time gets annoying. This made it way easier to lug things around and still be cute. Make sure and get your backpack here. I put on some casual jeans and a crop top from Just Enaj. My white blazer was perfect to throw on once I started getting cold in the evening. LA weather is beyond unpredictable you have to always be prepared get yours here
My shoes are the Louboutin So Kates that I love so much get yours here. 
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