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I have to say I rarely go out to any clubs. I find myself at more lounges and dinners than anything. My mom always says I work to much and this is very true. Last night my girl Blac Cyhna hosted an event at Penthouse Nightclub in West Hollywood. We hit the town in a party bus and made the night Fabulous. I wore black shorts from a cute Melrose boutique for $40. A white long sleeve body suit from Misguided $18. MY shoes are "Miss Valentina" From our boutique Just Enaj for only $49. I love my Moschino belt ($300) so I decided to rock that as well. We made a Ralph's store run and managed to take a cute pic. The night was fun and full of laughs and good times. Always remember to live. The hard part most of us don't remember to do including me.