May 01, 2014 2 min read

I never really had to many people I looked up to besides my mom for her courage and strength through so much. She is a rock and has always remanded positive no matter what she was going through. My mom is a 4 times cancer survivor and has been fighting this battle for over 10 years. She is courageous and keeps going no matter what. Joan Rivers reminded me of my mom because she is a straight up no BS kind of woman. Joan is real and gets to the point and this is also how I am as well. I always gravitated towards her as a brand and host because she was an older lady but still would work just as hard as any of the young people in Hollywood. She did what my dream is having her own show based on fashion and telling people how they should never walk out of the house. She always dressed over the top and gaudy like I liked. She touched so many lives with  her funny jokes and great sense of humor. I feel sad she had to leave us so early I still cry when I think about it because it was not her time to go yet. God has a timer on everyone's lives and the best we can do is just live everyday as if it were our last and tell everyone close to you that you love them. Joan rest in peace and I will see you one day in heaven. I will continue to build my brand as the fashion expert who keeps it 100 percent real just like you :)