April 21, 2015 1 min read

I love fashion we all know that! I love all of my readers for supporting me and staying connected to me on social media and reading my blog. I have been super busy getting my store ready to launch I have not posted to much lately and I apologize!  As you know I have been doing marketing for the line here in la called JUST ENAJ. I have had a very successful time with them and have loved our journey this far. I wanted to also open my own store to give all my readers and followers an opportunity to shop my style and get some cute looks for an affordable price. My store is called Jessica Rich Collection! I dont have a ton of inventory but its a start and I am excited to continue to grow to full potential. I personally designed one dress under my other line RICH B*TCH which is a little higher priced. This line will be all dresses designed by me for all of my daring fashionistas! The first dress I designed under the collection is called the "Jessica Dress " which has a caged skirt and long sleeves which will turn heads for sure! Make sure and take full advantage of the sale I have for first time shoppers using code JRICH at checkout to get 10% off your first purchase! 

Happy Shopping ladies ! xoxooxooxoxo