May 01, 2014 1 min read

Life has thrown me lots of bad days. Days where I feel frustrated, sad, stressed, fat. Mad about how life does not go as fast as you want it. The list can go on and on, but I remind myself that life is life and you have to smile through it all. We can sometimes forget and loose focus about whats important. It will not always be a perfect day. We grow by going through different things and we can look back and reflect on how it made us stronger. I can remember days I wanted to give up on my hosting career and be a regular girl and work a normal job. I can also remember days where I had only $20 in my account with rent due and no idea what I would do. One thing I did have was my health and people around me who cared who I could talk to. I was still blessed and living and healthy and those things are more important than everything. Some are facing sickness and disease with no way of curing it. Some have problems no one can fix. So when you wake up and have a bad start to your day or things don't always go as you would like.... smile. Know that god has a plan for your life and he will never throw you anything you cannot handle.