May 01, 2014 2 min read

I used to live in New York City back in 2006-2009 which was a great experience. I wanted to further my TV career so I moved to LA. After shooting the reality show for Vh1 "Real Chance of Love" I knew more opportunities were based in LA. After living in LA for almost 5 years I can truly say I miss NYC but not to move back completely but to move for 6 months out of the year. La has its ups and downs as well as New York. I took a vacation to NYC this past weekend and loved going back to see my old apartment building and old hangout spots. The weather was good for it being so cold lately in the city. I unfortunately was not feeling well the last few days of the trip. I met up with my girlfriend Christina who is pregnant right now by her amazing husband Kenan Thompson from "Saturday Night Live" hit show. She has been a friend of mine for over 5 years. Cant wait to see the baby girl! We went to see her husband perform at "Saturday Night Live" while the band "Coldplay performed.











 I hit the town Monday night in a Just Enaj  buy now two piece white outfit. This outfit retails at $145. An amazing steal for such a gorgeous dress.  I went to dinner at Serafina in times square. I had some really bad customer service which sucks but hey New York service is hit or miss! 



The trip was good but as they say there is nothing like home. I made it back last night to LA and am happy to be in my bed. If you have never traveled to New York make sure to put it on your bucket list! Hit me up if you want to know which places are the best to eat:) Top Favorite restaurants are Philippe Chow, China Grill, Del Friscos and Buddahkhan. Clearly I love Asian food!