August 25, 2015 1 min read

STYLE STYLE STYLE is my middle name! From young getting best dressed in high school being not rich at ALL. My mom is super stylish its in your blood naturally its something your born with or your not. Some spend thousands of dollars on designer labels and think they will look amazing..NO WRONG ANSWER. You have to know how to pull it off and it has to fit you. Not everything looks good on everyone. I dont look good in grey or dark blue its something with my skin tone that does not pop. Learn yourself and what makes you look good. People come to me for fashion advice and I love to give it but my number one tip is know your sides and angels. Know how to work your best assets that will make you more confident when you wear something. It is always good to know what flatters the best of you and what you have to offer.
xoxoxo my loves!
Jumper is Ripley Rader check her out here
Shoes Louboutin So Kate's in black patent leather