May 01, 2014 1 min read

Robin Thicke has been one of my favorite guys for sometime now. He has a soulful voice that really brings me back to when music was at its best in the 90's. I didn't expect to wake up to the news about his separation with Paula Patton. At the same time I was not that mad about it ..hes so cute! 

I congratulate them for lasting this long from high school in this entertainment industry. It takes 2 very strong people to be able to deal with your significant other on screen locking lips with someone else. Lets reflect on Robins style over the years. I am the queen of men makeovers. Robin had a long hair phase in his earlier years. It looks as though someone "styled him rich" from plain guy to sexy! Whoever gave him the transformation I have to say WELL DONE!



Robin has a natural swagg that's easy to see as soon as he walks in a room. He always looks well put together. From suits and blazers to jeans and T-shirts he can wear just about anything and look good.



                                                                    Before and after 








                  Effortless Style.. All black Blazer with Black button up shirt and Black tie




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The button up black shirt for $14.95