January 15, 2015 1 min read

Date night is always fun to get dressed up for. I personally feel like you should dress everyday like date night because you never know when you may meet someone.  That does not mean wear a sexy dress out every night but I say always add a little flirty style to your wardrobe. I was out the other night on a date and I was dying to wear this Kim K inspired Breanna dress from our company Just Enaj. This dress looks best with a nude bra under it considering that it is a white mesh top. You can get yours herefor only $119which is steal for such a sexy and classy dress all at the same time.
I paired it with some nude strap shoesthat were simple and chic get yours here.

  1. Make sure you shave your legs and anything that may be embarrassing and hairy on a date.
Guys dont want to feel a hairy leg while at dinner. 
2. Spend some time relaxing before a date don't rush your hair and makeup it will show and you wont feel as confident.
3. BRUSH YOUR TEETH no one wants a stinky girl 
4. Talk and be outgoing dont sit and not talk a guy wants someone interesting.
5. PICK YOUR FAVORITE COLORSto wear that make you feel pretty. Never try new things on date nightbecause you may feel not as sexy and confident trying out a new color or different style.
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