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Last minute date nights may come and go. Sometimes we may not get a heads up notice from our crush if he wants to see you right?! So what do you do when its 4pm and the man of your dreams calls and says can you meet me for dinner at 7pm? Are you going to say no I am not available or have nothing to wear? NO NO NO dating is hard enough these days so you gotta go when you have a chance. The number one thing I recommend in everyone's closet is a one piece jumpsuit. I own 2 of them a velvet seen here and also a more casual cotton material that is also cute. This one I grabbed at American Apparel I am not a huge fan of that store but time to time they have good stuff. This one was only $74 which was not bad since it is velvet and velvet is a huge trend right now. Ladies stock up on a jumpsuit asap! So you can just throw one on in last minute situations.